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Connie Publicover

About Connie Publicover

Connie Publicover

My water drop photography is a labour of love. I am a retired hairdresser from Nova Scotia Canada. Photography came into my life as a result of prolonged health issues. I am mostly self taught and have spent 4 -5 yrs developing my water drop photography. My images are not photo shopped, they are captured in camera.

I love capturing a moment in time that is so pure and present but usually never seen with the naked eye . The beauty of these small worlds are amazing to me, ever changing and always a challenge to capture.

Five of my water drop images have been chosen by Kodak from a world wide submission as Picture Of The Day and displayed on Time Square NY.

1. Sea Shell Drop July10/08
2. The Great Speckled Drop March 25/09
3. Water Dance May 31/09
4.Water World April 30/10
5. Nursery Drop May 13/10.

My work has been exhibited in Galleries in Atlantic Canada and has won many awards in online contests. I find myself fascinated by a single drop of water; the closer one looks the more mystery and beauty can be seen.