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Chris Farrow

Chris Farrow

About Chris Farrow

Chris Farrow is inspired by his desire to share the magic of the world around him as he sees it through his own eyes, reflecting his emotional response, and therefore his abiding memory of the particular scene.

"I am a self taught artist with a passion for photography. I love simplicity and the strength of composition that must be found within simple images. I strive to create images that reflect the emotion of a remembered moment, images that are 'complete' in their composition. The use of color is important to me, whether strong vibrant color, muted pastels or simple monochrome, colour is a vital part of my work in reflecting the emotional memory of the moment.

My main influences include Ansell Adams, in particular his many simple images of trees in the landscape, Michael Kenna and John Sexton for their sublime monochrome landscapes, Edward Weston for his study of light and form and not forgetting the likes of Turner, Monet and Whistler for their immensely atmospheric use of light and shade in simplified landscapes.

I have long felt that our essential memory of a time and place is more closely related to the emotions that we felt when we were there than to the physical actuality or geography of the place. I therefore try through my photography to portray the feeling of being there, the sense of majesty, awe, peace and serenity that nature inspires. I keep my compositions tight and use color, or the lack of it, to focus attention and reflect my emotional reaction to the original scene."