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Adam Parsons

Adam Parsons

About Adam Parsons

Adam Parsons is an artist that thrives off the creative process of illustrating, painting, graphic design, animation and writing. His watercolor illustrations are sketched on paper retaining all their vibrant pencil strokes, then scanned in and traced to illustration boards for painting, documenting each creative process separately. After creating from imagination his passion with watercolor are capturing form and light whilst painting with intense detail in a layered and thickened painting style similar to using acrylics. With gigantic canvases or time consuming detail, Parsons likes to try things others usually won't.

His illustration are almost adult in nature more than child like, with influences by outstanding illustrators like Maurice Sendak, Lizbeth Zwellger, Eve Tharlet and John Shelley to name but a few in his field.

As he paints, he also documents regularly the process of his techniques with digital photography or video and posts them to websites or blogs to demonstrate his methods. A teacher of art in Japan, Parsons likes to share the process as much as the finished piece.

In 1995, Adam entered a large illustration called "The Valley of Rhyme" into a competition called Tokyo-ten at the National Museum of art in Tokyo and won first prize for best new illustrator. A decade later a book with the same title was released in the United States.

He is a member of several art communities on line and often has shows for his work in both the illustration and painting arena, showing in Japan, Indianapolis and San Francisco.

Although born and living in England up to the age of twenty, Adam lived in Japan teaching for 9 years teaching and now for the past decade in the United States working as a painter, illustrator and designer. Self taught in all the creative mediums, he has no formal training other than the passion an deep desire to continue to express and present his work to the world.

Artist Statement
I love my imagination. It never seems to get tired, even when I am, so it races around so fast as I struggle futilely to keep up with all it seems to want me to be doing. My brain fills up with images and ideas all bouncing around, so it's no wonder as I grew up that I had no interest in sitting in an art class and drawing something dull put in front of me. I only wanted to draw from my mind.

I would drive my art teacher up the wall, drawing faces and things from within, but never anything in front of me for her to challenge it's accuracy. To combat my teacher's concerns, (and my lowering art grade) I turned to drawing plants… once more from imagination, except this time I would put some plants in front of me and 'fake' drawing what I saw! I vividly remember my teacher raising up my paper to the apple one time and comparing it. "It doesn't look like that at all!" she said. "It did yesterday!" I replied!

The withering and decaying nature of fruits and vegetables became something I fell back onto many times with my 'pretend studies' in my art class. Who knew this was the building blocks that one day would become Planting Embrace?

The more I drew, observing the beauty of integrated color and light, the better my images from imagination became. Repetition being the greatest teacher of all. To this day, I still have little or no interest in drawing what is in front of me in all the creative processes of illustrations or paintings that I do.

For Planting Embrace, I like finding new plants, but then put them to one side and never really try to draw what I'm looking at. I'm just playing with shapes and manipulating them. It also makes going to the vegetable section at the supermarket a lot less boring… that's for sure. :)

This is Planting Embrace at it's core. Joyful, peaceful, free and fun. Vibrant colors and dimensions of light all from the beginning of a child that just loved to draw. It's a pleasure to create these characters and bring them to life. I love to see what personality will grow from just combining plants in a very sporadic way and giving them a face and a name. "Eggplants" cheeky nature in particular says it all for me.

I hope you enjoy my illustrations and they inspire you to be creative too. -Adam.